1. WesternPA-collector

    1937 C.C. Soda Bottle

    A few weeks ago I found this bottle. From the looks of it you can see it's been through a LOT. But these bottles were made of very thick heavy glass. Even with all the fleabites, it doesn't have any cracks or chips at all. Made by Owens-Illinois Plant 9 in Streator, IL in 1937. The city of...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    Experimenting with LED light

    Last night I was just trying some bottle lighting scenes and came up with this for ten of my best embossed soda bottles. From left to right, Oakland MD Coke, Whistle 6.5 ounce, Soda from Coca Cola Bottling Charleroi, Hi-Hat Brownsville PA, Howdy Connellsville PA, Bob's Premium King Size...
  3. WesternPA-collector

    These bottles didn't make it

    The past Thursday when temperatures reached a steamy 80 degrees in PA, I was able to get out and continue searching a spot I've been working on for about a year. Sadly there were a lot of late 1800's / early 1900's bottles that were intact enough to read but were broken. Many were near...
  4. WesternPA-collector

    1966 Blue Ridge Beverages ACL Bottle, Uniontown, PA

    I'm trying to get as many bottles photographed and documented as I can, for site reference purposes. Here's a 1966 Owens-Illinois Duraglas bottle made at Plant 3, Huntington, WV. On the back of the bottle it says this was property of the Coca-Cola company. So I wonder if this was a regional or...
  5. WesternPA-collector

    A bottle for football season

    Here's a Royal Crown 1975 ACL bottle specially made to commemorate the Pittsburgh Steelers win at Tulane Stadium, New Orleans in Super Bowl IX, January 12, 1975. Score- Steelers 16, Vikings 6

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