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  1. J

    Old Whiskey bottle with whiskey still in it, I think..

    I found a Crown Distillers company whiskey bottle yesterday with the cork still in it and the bottle half full of liquid. As I rinsed it in the creek I could hear gas escaping from under the cork. Is it worth more even if it’s half empty? And if not can I safety try and drink this? Thanks for...
  2. Minuteman Archaeologist

    Bottle Hunt (11/07/20)

    I recently went bottle hunting and discovered an interest set of bottles. The most obvious one was a 10" primitive stoneware tavern beer bottle with no engravings. It had the cork in it still with a large cracks on the side of it and used clear super glue to keep it together. I did find a dark...
  3. J

    Double Eagle Whiskey bottle

    I was recently given a few old bottles, one of which is this Double Eagle whiskey bottle. I can't really find any information on it. What little I can find shows a bottle with the words "Pure Rye" stamped on it, this one doesn't. I would like to know if this a genuine old bottle.
  4. WesternPA-collector

    Old Overholt Medicinal Flask Date?

    I've had this bottle for a few years and dating it has been like a puzzle to me. Because the label says the whiskey was made 1912. It was medicinal, so by the time it aged, Prohibition would have started. But the bottle itself appears much older than 1912. The seams fade out before the...
  5. J

    value of edinburgh scotland bottle , please help :)

    hello all, i stumbled upon this website in search of more information on this bottle i found at a yardsale. it says the distillers agency united Edinburgh scotland on the bottom and looks vintage or antique i can't really tell. it is very nice but i was wondering if i could get anymore info on...
  6. A

    Found this whiskey bottle 50 years ago

    Found in the attic when I was 9 years old ... and still not dated. The label is painted on and says 'Cream of Kentucky Straight Whiskey 100 Proof' and has an image of three running thoroughbreds, believed to be a special edition bottle for the Kentucky Derby. There are no markings on the bottom...
  7. D

    Tall Whiskey Bottle?

    Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any help I receive! :rolleyes: I have this 11-inch tall round bottle that I thought was painted on the outside, but it is not. When held up to the light it has an Army green tint to it. There appears to be no side seams on the body, but there are two...
  8. V

    Anyone know this?

    I have a fairly common bottle except for the fact that it has a different bottom than any I've seen. It's an Old Quaker whiskey bottle made in Dunkirk, Indiana. Here's a photo of the bottom: What's the groove for? Can't find anything about any kind of bottle with a groove or slot like this.

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