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Aug 22, 2012
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Show Me State (Missouri)
... be careful with the word "selling".
That is the absolute truth. It's not selling if you can't find a buyer. Maybe there is still a rare fish out ther called "suckers", but just try to find one, a large majority of the listings in FeeBay have no chance of ever "SELLING" their listings because of unrealistic notions. This is not a new problem. In the days before internet (don't ask) I used ads on the radio and newspapers to find treasures. Had a person call me about three cases of paper label beers they found in a barn. Three different brands and they would not put a price on what they wanted for them so I shot them a price of about $35 a case and they went off. They had an antique dealer friend tell them the bottles alone were worth $15 each. I asked them "why didn't you sell them" to the "knowledgeable" dealer. I told them the most interesting part was the box and the bottles were only worth about $1 each and I that I didn't even want to pay that as it would take a decade or more to sell the bottles as there was no demand. They kept their treasure. Several years later this same person contacted me again not knowing that they had done so years before. I let them go through their spiel and said "you don't remember me do you"? I told them that I was the guy they tried to sell to once before, who they had gone off on and I was actually glad that I hadn't bought the bottles, but if they wanted to sell them I would give them $25 for each case of bottles. You could have heard a pin drop. I hope they learned a lesson. It is a lesson a whole lot folks of FeeBay are learning. FeeBay is not a very good price guide, but if one does look at items that have sold it can have some use, but even that isn't all that good. If an item gets lucky and sells high a week later there are more of the same listed... with no sales as everyone thinks they have got the treasure. FeeBays main purpose is for entertainment kind of like unreality TV shows.
I've seen those water bottles with a thick layer of dust on them sitting at lots of antique shops, which tells me there is no demand. They are neat I guess, but the only thing I think they are good for is putting your pocket change in. Even at that if you put too much change in them they will break... I know this from experience. Experience is the best rule of thumb as well as the word of an honest collecting buddy who isn't living in la la land.
I'll get down off my pulpit now. :cool:

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