70’s/80’s Embossed Mountain Dew Bottle

Interested about this 1970’s/1980’s embossed Mountain Dew bottle’s rarity & value. I found it along a creek in Pennsylvania US & was just wondering about it since I never saw one before & can’t find anything about it online.


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I find a lot of no deposit no return bottles here but almost always coke or pepsi . rare come across mountain dew bottles but I don't know if there no deposit bottles are that uncommon . a lot of no deposit bottles are just lying around waiting to be found as they weren't returned

I found a dump once that was literally filled with fresca no deposit bottles , which were considered somewhat hard to find
Yeah I find a lot of Pepsi ones laying around, I highly doubt this is worth anything. My favorite bottle I found so far is a mason’s root beer bottle also not worth anything but still an unusual find for around here.


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I don't know if I'd say not worth anything. Probably not worth much, but it's a better find than your average NDNR Pepsi or Coke.


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It was made by Brockway. I have the exact same one and it was also found in Pennsylvania. I've never seen more than just the one in the woods. Even on Ebay I don't see many of this style. It's worth about $5.00 to $10.00 or if someone loves the style they might pay more.


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Mountain Dew collecting still popular, around here, we had 3 different No deposit, no return types, in west Tn. Here is one, of the last I f6-3-19 001.jpgound, which has, the farmer getting shot at, with the jug cork.6-3-19 002.jpg


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They're 6-3-19 004.jpgstill $5 to 10 dollars, a five fold increase in 10 years, here's the back and base. Good luck.6-3-19 003.jpg
I read Brockway originated in PA so I guess that explains why both ours were found here, found mine along the Codorus Creek in the York, PA area. Thanks for the posts guys


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Nice find!
I still have 2 clear ones with no info on them, other than no deposit no return. same shape and size. may have been paper labels missing on mine :)

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