7up- 1953-1986 Canada


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Hi. New to the site. I'm a mostly a Crush guy, but this is a great thread on all things 7up. Noted a discussion a couple of months back about different places that had a 7-up bottler and speculation over Regina possibly having one. Was cruising Facebook Marketplace not long after and found these posted for sale. For those really interested, they're going cheap... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1249826808686927/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
Yeah I noticed those...and they are 12oz too! A person could really amass a big collection going for all the 7oz, 10oz, 12oz, and quarts in Canada!


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found this on the weekend at a nearby dump , had actually found this dump years ago its not very far from where I live but someone I missed this 28 oz seven up bottle which was lying on the surface under some leaves in a small area of rusted food cans I hadn't found years ago .

unfortuently the acl is mostly gone by now , however I wonder what it would of been like if I had found it a few years earlier

think this bottle is from the early 60's , never found a 28 oz shield 7 up bottle before

no city on back , " you like it , it likes you " along neck , fresh up with 7 up , contents 28 oz



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Cool find for a dig. Nice big bottle .
Here's what they are with visible ACL

it was definitely a surprise to find a 28 oz 7 up bottle lying in the leaves off a trail I've used 100's of times since the 90's

I wonder what my bottle would of looked like it I had found it earlier , although acl was lying up so it was fully exposed to elements and perhaps why its faded so much

the area where I found it seems to be a hot zone for 7 up bottles , must of been someone there who drank it a lot either a local or cottager , found a number of various different 7 up's along that road or woods off it

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