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7up Toronto 8 bubble and NDNR quart!


Well-Known Member
Sep 21, 2014
British Columbia
I'm not in Ontario but have the conections that sometimes come in handy!

It was awesome to get the message from my buddy 'mission accomplished'..lol. I'm not in possession of them yet but I'm just too excited to wait and wanted to share now.

When I first saw the photo online my eyes went immediately to the left to confirm that the big one was a 7up NDNR quart...then quickly noticed the 7oz had no neck ACL and I knew right away it was an 8 bubble!
I saved the pic real quick and then zoomed in to confirm the bubble count of 8. Five minutes latter at 10:45 Wednesday night I fired off a message to ask about shipping.

First thing next morning I check the emails and there is a message....' sorry not interested ' ….dam!
So I had a look at the location and thought maybe it's not too far from my friend. I emailed the seller and asked if he'd be opposed to a friend picking it up in person, he said no problem at all..bingo!
I then fired of a message to my pal explaining my dilemma! ..lol, not really expecting him to go because I was not sure how far or long it'd take to retrieve but he said sure I'll do it for you, it's only 30 mins away. So I gave him the info and contacted the seller to let him know my friend would be in touch, and by 5:00pm today I had confirmation the deal was done!
So nice to have friends that can do this for you, when it's convenient or close enough.

In the original pic it was hard to tell the real condition, I could not see the back, but it looked solid and as it turned out its a decent example! It'll be interesting to see if it's a Dominion glass example or Consumers glass, I'm hoping Dominion because then it may have a date code, the Consumers one's have no date codes that I know of.

One last note:...it seemed crazy to me that this had been sitting there for well over a month!

Original add photo.
7up possible 8bubble.jpg

7up Statford find-front.jpg

7up Statford find-back.jpg


Well-Known Member
May 17, 2012
Ontario , Canada
the 7 up 8 bubble Toronto bottle is a neat bottle , I have 2 that I've found in the wild , one along a road and another in the lake .

but bottles in really good condition would seem to be much less common to find

there is actually a lot of neat stuff at antique malls in Ontario , if you walk around some of them , no never know what you might find


Well-Known Member
Sep 21, 2014
British Columbia
Hey thanks fella's!....yeah pretty happy camper here for sure. It will be nice to have a complete label, unlike my Vancouver example that is worn off.

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