A lot of bottles need help

Hey you can see here I have 14 Coca-Cola bottles and seven Sundrop bottles and three cheer wine bottles then I have an old colony bottle and an RC cola bottle of cherry smash bottle a Dr Pepper bottle and some other bottles I have a Cherry man glass and then I also have a little slipper stocking thing One of the cokes is a 1980 Bulldogs championship Coke with Coke still inside there is also one of the sundrops which is a 1987 Dale Earnhardt champion with Sundrop still inside was wondering if anyone has any prices ideas for all of it? (U don’t gotta buy it I was just wondering if u have a idea of a price)


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Not that I dont like your bottle because I do , but most the bottles on here versus your bottles is like comparing apples to oranges( yea they are both bottles) but most people here collect a different age of bottles so to most we can't give a price for stuff mostly not saved or cherished by the diggers who pre 1900s. Plus it seems you kinda know the prices anyways? Sorry to sound crazy but hard to put a value if any. Welcome to the forum and hope to see more.


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You would probably need to put it in a specialized auction to get full value and to see what it’s worth
I'm from grafton wv and so far no ones heard of this bottle. And I've been finding other local broken bottles that none seems to have a clue about. Possibly 1 of a kind bottles. Any idea what unknown bottles like this might be worth

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