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ACL Registration/Misalignment


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Mar 25, 2008
I had bought a 50s/60s 7up bottle rack with 5 cases of small 7up bottles still filled with soda off craigslist a few years back... Well having to move it around a few times (it's heavy) a lot of the bottles had "floaties" in the soda... So I made the decision this week to empty all the bottles and see if they were all worthy of being kept.... Well... no... a lot were not... some were so scared from rubbing against each other, faded, and a couple with chipped bases... So I did some cleaning and recycling... Anyway... Found this one... almost threw it out but thought wow how did this even make it to production. So I kept it. Thought you all might want to see what a bottle made at 4:59pm on a Friday looks like. Ha...
Or maybe it was a quota thing... "Need just one more bottle.. eh - good enough".

The white neck label is off center from the white bottle body label then the orange is way off... I know these ACL bottles have a notch in the heel of the bottle that keeps the bottle from moving during the screening process obviously this bottle wasn't set properly... And here's what you get.

Not sure how to date this... That's where the Pros here come in.... Also Please feel free to add to this post... would love to see other bottles out there with off registration. So please add your pics!!!
And I'm sorry if there is another thread already... I did look... went back a couple years didn't see one... But I'm sure this has been discussed... Anyway check it out.. Did I do right by keeping it?



Well-Known Member
Jan 21, 2018
St. Louis, Missouri
Quite a unique bottle you have there. The bottle was made at the Owens Illinois plant in Waco, Texas which is designated by the number 15. Owens changed their logo from the diamond/oval/I, to the oval/I in 1954. So I am guessing that the 7 would be code for 1957. That 7 Up stand is really cool! I certainly would have kept the bottle.

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