American digger makes friends...


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According to the suit, when the show made its debut in March 2012, the Holcombes were inundated with "a barrage of calls, emails and unfavorable comments on hobbyist forums from subscribers and hobbyists alarmed by the show's highly inflammatory and negative depiction of their hobby



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I have never understood how that show ever got any ratings to keep it going . I think it is one of the most worthless of all the reality shows that have been aired , and I care little to nothing for all the other ones that are wasting TV time as well .


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If we're suggesting new names for the show, may I respectfully submit "American Plunderers"

It would need to be "American Plunderer Wannabes" since what they find seems to be staged.


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all these shows have lost their appeal, they are now all scripted, not that they werent before but much more obvious now. catch an old American picker or pawn stars and compare it to now. Scripted,story line,product placements,ect ect. Just get back to showing the info on the items found . I think Antique road show is about the only one left who has not fallen into this of the worse has to be storage wars...the same 4 or 5 guys win all the auctions...they rattle off prices of what they think they can get and its used to figure out if they made a profit or not. They never show how much they spent on getting rid of the worthless stuff or how much time and employees were used to get the units cleared out


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only takes one disgruntled member to rat you out[;)]

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