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Are these 22 insulators worth pursuing?


Well-Known Member
Sure they're worth pursuing. I am having to make a lot of assumptions here with a lack of information, such as: what you have in mind to do with them, but the purples alone are worth $20 each if in excellent condition. A few others I see have good potential to be worth several bucks. It all depends on what you have to pay, the cost of acquiring them. Plus, the fun for me is the unknown, the challenge, the hunt. You win some, you lose some.


Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2010
Nova Scotia Canada
What do you mean? Please give us the story.
Jim, those insulators were in an auction. I could have bid by phone but the 1st lot, the purple ponies sold as a lot of 3, went for about $45 each, taxes included. I was not interested in the others because I don't know much about them. The purple ones I was told sold on the high end of the value scale.


Well-Known Member
O.K., thank you. Your original post gave no clue as to what was happening. The purple ponies go for about $20 - 25 each, I've bought them much cheaper in quantity. Certain variants can be more expensive. Canada made and used a LOT more purple glass insulators than did the U.S. The only thing of real value, without seeing them up close, were the 3 purple ponies.

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