Bell drugs 52nd & chester ave

Looking for some info and a price on this bottle if anyone can help please


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I'm guessing the Mackeysburg in your name refers to the Pennsylvania coal region, if so that's probably a Philly bottle because 52nd and Chester is an intersection there which would likely have had a drug store. It looks like it dates to the early 20th century. Value unfortunately probably isn't that much, I think Philly collectors tend to prefer to focus on earlier bottles, and druggist bottles in general typically sell for pretty cheap unless they're from certain desirable locales.


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i agree as its from a major city and not a pictoral druggist bottle I doubt its worth more than average . did you find it in a dump or buy it used like a yard sale / thrift store . if you didn't pay a lot for it you still did ok


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I dug the bottle so I guess its a win either way

its a good find if its a dug bottle , its not necessary easy to find embossed druggists although it depends on where you live and how many nearby druggists used embossed bottles vs paper labels

my area seems to have been mostly paper labels on glass bottles so it be very rare to find a local embossed on here


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Hey I'd be pretty happy with that if I dug it, even though they aren't typically worth much money druggist bottles are one of my favourite things to collect due to the local aspect of them (the fact that they're affordable to buy also helps!)
Well I just within the past year got into bottle digging so I'm not to familiar with all the different ones yet but I live in schuylkill county and where the town mackeysburg used to be is where I live I try to dig as much as possible

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