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Bellingrath Beverages Coca Cola Bottling Co Mobile, AL

Cotton Candi

New Member
May 29, 2021
I just wanted to reply to you on the Bellingrath Beverages coke bottle, as very few people know much about them. It's quite surprising they are not as valuable as they SHOULD be, considering they are one of the original Coca-cola bottle's before they created a corporate logo & bottle design.
I was employee at Bellingrath Gardens for 2 years & my Boss was a historian. This is how I know my knowledge is based on facts.
First of all, the original investment to start a bottling/ disturbing co. for Coke was $5,000.
Mobile, AL was one of the first cities in the US to have a bottling company.
In those days, everything had to be packed on ice, to remain cold.
It was up to the distributor to design their own bottle to provide the beverage in, which was 6.5 oz.
The distributors offered other carbonated beverage flavors such as ginger ale, as well as Coke in their same universal bottle. Many flavors, one bottle design. Coke merely provided the contents.
And each distributor, again, designed their own unique bottle. The bottle you have is the 2nd design Mr Bellingrath created. The 1st was probably temporary, as well as plain, probably to get the ball rolling.
In those days, Cokes were delivered to your door step like the milk man. You would place a weekly order and return your used bottles for refilled ones.
Mr Bellingrath was the first man to design a horse pulled, chilled, delivery truck. Or gas powered, that one I have to look back on, but he innovated the delivery system in some way. Him and one other man personally delivered the Cokes. He designed the bottle to give an icy chilled effect. Like ice frozen around the bottle. These bottles were delivered in wooden crates, so to have one without outer wear and tear rubbing marks is excellent condition.
I don't know why there is not information available about this on any coke bottle websites, because this is part of the unique history of the company. Each distributor will have their own unique story to tell. I listed my bottle on Marketplace here in Mobile, AL for $300 & people scoffed at me about it. I believe the bottles hold more value than that. They are a rare find here locally. Without these men, Coke wouldn't be where it is today. The most I've seen one sell for online was $50. Not saying they haven't sold for more, but I doubt it. That's all I've really got to say. I don't have the dates in my mind for the years it was utilized, before Coke designed their own. I am sure you could contact Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, AL if you wanted further information.
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Well-Known Member
Mar 29, 2021
Wow awesome finds! Please let us know the dates and cities of the coke bottles. Just curious.

Congrats on the bottle hoard.

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