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If you are buying jars on Ebay, beware.......... I purchase a QT Mason's Cross Patent Nov. 30th, 1858. Here is the link to the original listing: appears to be a deep green jar, almost emerald in color, HOWEVER, the seller is taking photos at steep angles, using flash and does not post the jars with natural light behind them. I politely have contacted this seller, asking to return, since it is at best a Green/Aqua or Light Apple Green jar, having NO OLIVE Color in it at all. I even attached the following photos from jars in my own collection sitting next to the Ebay listed jar to educate them on what the jar's TRUE COLOR is, and recommend how to take photos so that collectors, like us, will know what they are bidding upon.I have attached the photos for everyone to see and hope that the seller, in this case, does the correct thing and accepts the return. The jar they sent me is on the far left in this photo. My jars from left to right are Straw Yellow, Light Olive and Olive Yellow.If you do bid on this person's jars, be sure to request a photo with natural light behind the jars............ Otherwise, Caveat Emptor........ Best of Luck


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It's bad what happened to you. In my opinion the jar is emerald (by looking at the photo), although they describe it as light yellow olive. They probably confuse about naming the color. I'll open a case if I were you if the seller refuse for refund. Somehow they have 5.0 DSR on item as describe??
The seller refused to accept the return, citing that several others bid on this item and I was the LUCKY WINNER....The high rating is due to lack of colored jar sales, most are aqua or clear, I reviewed all past auctions for this seller.I did open a case with eBay, sending them 5 photos and proving that I could reproduce near exactly the same looking color of this persons jar by taking the photo at a steep descending angle WITH FLASH.3 of the 5 photos showed the color of this jar correctly, with my examples for comparison.eBay, to their credit, determined the case within hours and sent me a link to print out UPS Return Postage Label.I double boxed the jar, took to UPS, photographed each step of the process and uploaded this information, attaching to my case, with eBay.I should be getting a refund, via eBay, in a week or so. LESSON LEARNED- If it looks to good to be true AND it is coming from a seller you do not know, be very cautious...


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I looked at past sales and they seam to speculate wildly on a good many of them about color. I have no doubt there will be similar complaints.They need to back-light and not the dark background in some and later on a sheet. Window light on a sunny day would be nice. I don't agree with direct sun straight through though. That will make any light and medium green look like aqua. On a side note, no offense, you should have asked if you were not sure.
Hey Eric,No offense taken.... And I did ask for a natural light photo, but, got the same angle WITH FLASH outside on her sidewalk. I decided to bid on the jar anyway, since I do have a significant run from clear to cornflower in this Mason's Cross 1858 series. I was hoping that the seller was honest and representing the jar accordingly.I even went so far, after receiving the (not as described) jar, to genuinely try to help educate her on color and how important it was to describe them correctly. No Response from seller.........Therefore, I must assume that she is trying to misrepresent the items as being better/darker colors than they actually are in person, upon receipt... For the record, I have been an eBay Buyer since Aug. 1999 and have NEVER returned an item. I was so disgusted with this particular item and lack of seller's co-operation, that I felt the need to do something about it and warn other fellow collectors to beware and ask for pictures with natural light behind them.All my best to you and Happy Collecting...Sincerely,Joseph


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I missed that you did ask, that's much worse for a reputation burner for them. Of coarse you can't leave a negative comment just a positive spoken with anger.[:mad:]Like I said, I saw many jars in wild colors that weren't like the pictures show and most after yours so look for more disapproving customers.I doubt you'll be alone.
Agreed. The jar has been shipped via UPS Insured with Tracking, Waiting approximately 3 days for eBay to verify the return was received by Seller, so that they will refund my original purchase price plus original shipping costs.
I am hopeful that eBay staff will monitor this seller's actions and realize I am a regular buyer and serious collector who has never attempted to take advantage of any sellers and only wishes for a good experience on eBay for all collectors alike. Best to you and your help.Sincerely,Joseph

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