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Sep 14, 2012
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Hello everyone. I am wondering how you go about finding the history of a particular area that you are interested in looking for bottles?

I am particularly interested in first finding out about my own land. I went exploring the other day and found a collapsed room and door, but couldn't tell if anything was under the roof. There are hills all over the property that look like places where stuff is buried, which is evident by the bottles scattered near the dry creek in the back. I am not having good luck finding information about the dry creek, the property, or the plantation behind the property or in front of it (I believe it is the same plantation). I did finally find an old map that says a battle took place 3 miles away involving indians. With the dry creek back there, I wouldn't doubt that people traveled through the property many years ago when the creek still ran. Mostly what I have seen is 1970's era, but the location of the collapsed roof is in a clearing in the middle of the woods, leading me to believe that years ago, the previous owners had their home further back on the property than where our home is now. There is no well back there or light pole, so I am not sure why the roof is back there. You can see old bricks laying around an area at the back of the property with evidence that it was once used as a camp site of some sorts (burn barrels, etc.). Finding out about the battle that took place nearby and the two indian camps on two different sides of the creek, miles away, have sparked my interest in further looking up the history of our area and our land, but I am not having much more luck online. The county isn't much help when it comes to plats either. I can look up the latest deed, but after that, they cannot give me any clues to where the older plats and land deeds would be located in the books. I don't even know what our land was used for in the past, but it has been vacant 20+ years from what we have gathered and is wedged between plantations on two sides and residential property on two sides with almost all homes on the road having 6+ acres.


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May 3, 2009
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You should go to your town hall or see your town historian to see if you can find any old pics or maps of the property and surrounding area...welcome to the site...Jim

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