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bottles for sale


Well-Known Member
Dec 22, 2010
I am upgrading my "man cave" and a ton of glass that has to go i am willing to sell or trade will only trade for local embossed sodas or any acl bottles produced by pepsi esp the older mountain dews.

I have well over 50 plain flasks ranging from 1800's to early 1900's
Several script pepsi bottles from new bern nc
several coca cola slug plates most are in rough shape
couple of hutch and blob tops from various states
and then a few soda waters and embossed beers

Just email me or pm me if your looking for something particular and we will go from there


Well-Known Member
Dec 22, 2010
Got a few sodas and mineral waters from florida not sure what north florida is as i live in nc


Well-Known Member
Dec 22, 2010
I will post what i have at my house tonight and will post the rest that i have in a store later this week so everyome can see what i have


Well-Known Member
Dec 22, 2010
Ok here is what I have for sale list wise.

Embossed Beers

3 Hoster Columbus A.B. Co "2 are aqua" "1 is amber"
Rochester Brewing Co. New York "dark amber"
J. Kazmaier Brewer Altona Pa. "aqua"
Consumer Brewing Co. Norfolk Va. "aqua"
The Geo Gunther Jr. Brewing Co. Baltimore Md. "aqua"
2 Amber Pabst Milwaukee center slug with pine combs "1 is aqua" "1 is amber"
North Western Brewery Chicago "aqua"
Early Monarch Brewery Co. United Breweries "aqua"
Early Blog Top Norfolk Branch CHR. Heurick " Purple tint"
Geo. Bauernschmidt Brewery Balitmore Md. "dark amber"

Embossed Sodas

"all are aqua"

Bottom Script Coca Cola
1915 Coca cola
Straight Side Coke New Bern NC
John C. Berger Riverside Bottling Works Baltimore Md. Center Slug
Hayo-Kola Morehead City NC
Krim Beverges Lebanon Pa.
City Bottling Works Portsmouth Va.
Tin Pin Premier Bottling Co. Bradford
King-Cola Bottling Co. Edingburg Va.
Florida Bottling & Supply Co. Bartow Fl.
P.H. Crystal Spring Water Company N.Y.
Florida Water, Murray & Lanman, Druggists, N.Y.

Blob Tops and Hutch

Avery N. Lord. Utica NY Blob
2 James Redmond New Berne NC Blob "little lip damage"
B. Satinsky 114-16-18 Naudain St. Philadelphia Hutch
Robert Portner Brew Corp. Trade Hygeia Alexandria Va. Hutch
Laycock Chester Hutch
Early The Germania Brewing Co. Charleston SC Blog

I also have over 1500 different medicines, poisons and chemicals for sale they all are embossed and none are damaged. Not trying to be rude but please dont ask to see pictures of 500 medicine bottles. If there is something you collect or something particular your looking for I will see if I have it, please be patient with me as there is alot to look through. I will not sell a damaged bottle unless its listed so you can rest assured they will be right.


Well-Known Member
Dec 13, 2004
Frederick Maryland
500 medicine bottles
Could you post maybe a couple group shots just to get an idea of what you have?
Does this include pharmacy/druggists? I am mostly interested in patent/proprietary meds.

I am working on a book about Southern patent medicines.
If you have any uncommon medicines from the southern states I would love to see them even if they are not for sale.


Well-Known Member
Oct 21, 2012
I know I already asked about any Illinois bottles but are there any in the 1500 group bunch of meds and stuff?

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