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C.C. Doty & Co. bottle


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Apr 6, 2004
Western Massachusetts
Hey folks,

Long time no "see" [:)]

I finally got in for some bottle diving with a buddy of mine though, and the other day we had a pretty good hunt. I slashed my thumb open almost right away, and spent the rest of the dive applying pressure and muttering curses, but he found some good stuff. Since our policy is to split the booty, we both made out ok. I almost died when I saw the first thing to come out of his wetsuit: a Kimball's Jaundice Bitters! Unfortunately it is a heartbreaker with about a 2 inch long by 1 inch wide hole in the back corner, but it was still a sight to see. He will send me some pics to post of that soon.
The other bottle he found though (that ended up coming home with me) is this CC Doty &Co. (Ring/Ham D-86), which Watson listed as a lost bitters. Has anyone ever seen one of these sell? I plan to keep it but I'm curious as to what it might be worth and I can find no listing other than in Ring and Ham and a mention that I can't find any more in Fike.

We'll be going back to that site soon (there were a few other keepers, but nothing spectacular) so hopefully I'll have some more pics to post soon.





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Sep 28, 2004
western mass
Hey, Sean...

Great to learn you did NOT, in fact, fall off the face of the earth!!!! Now if that other diver would just check in...

From Thomson (1947):
112 -- Doty's Mandrake Bitters
Amber. About 3/4 quart. Collared mouth. Marked: "Doty's Mandrake Bitters/C.
Doty & Co./Bradford.
112-a--Variation Marked: "C.C. Doty & Co., Bradford, Vt." Circa. 1865. Bottle
attributed to Stoddard.

Also, there's a listing in Digger O'Dell's Bitters Book:

"C. C. Doty & Co.", yellow amber, 8 1/2", 75% label for "Dr. Doty Bitters...", smooth base, perfect, $100, (1990).



Well-Known Member
Apr 6, 2004
Western Massachusetts
Hi Ron, Hi Warren!

Yeah, I didn't fall off the Earth, I just got into playing softball and also we ran a big meeting here at Umass so all of my time seemed to disappear. We're in the semifinals next week, woohoo!

Thanks for the info on the Doty, I'm glad it's not too valuable because I felt guilty about getting that one. It was my dump though, so I don't feel tooo guilty. The Kimball's is worth at least $100 even with the hole, it's a great color (lots of green).

The rivers are down a bit lately, hopefully I'll have more to post about soon [:)]


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