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I just received an inbox message (which I have attached) with the user name "normanshawn" saying a guy in Texas has a couple bottles from the Kansas area for sale with him email address. So I contact the guy in Texas which his name is "Ham Goyette" and sent me a picture and said he would do $80 for the two bottles. Thought it was a fair price so I asked if he had PayPal, his reply was it is not working right now but do have other options for payment. I asked if he had cash app and he said his child does. So he gives me that address to send money to and I tried to send the $80 but LUCKILY my cash app thing wasn't working. Well this morning I sent the picture Ham Goyette sent to me to a good friend of mine that I dig with and turns out that is the picture of two of his bottles. The taller drugstore bottle he sold on eBay years ago and the hutch he still has in his collection and that picture is on google images under Kansas bottles.

So who ever is in charge of this site may need to look into the guy who sent me that inbox message.


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its relatively easy to find pictures of bottles on google , never really heard of someone trying a scam like this and for only $80


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My good friend still has the hutch in his collection. If he actually had these why didn't he take his own picture

true that's why is does seem very off , its possible he might of had 1 of the bottles and just too lazy to take a new picture but odds he actually had both is very slim

it does seem like he found the pictures online and trying to create a bogus purchase


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reserving judgment, but wondering the same as above. Same situation. Norman says email Ham and no reply from anyone


Too funny. I had the same thing happen with user goyetteham. Sent me a message about the guy in TX and I contacted the email address and the same thing about wanting me to cash app it. To top it off, the photo he sent was from this site and was a bottle I bought so I immediately recognized it and knew it was not real.

Keep on your toes, everyone.

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Its a sad thing. I have been on sites and found bottles that I had sold on eBay at one time or another for sale. You have to really know who you are dealing with. i bought a rare Hamilton patent torpedo off eBay and the seller claimed he shipped it. I had quite a time getting my money back. eBay only goes by what they are told really. Its a slipperly slope on the WWW.

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Oh, no... it’s gone to bottles now?! I own an exotic cat cattery, and in that world that I’m very connected to, we should be watermarking all our pix... because the scammers will swipe peoples pix of their new $7000.00 F2 Savannah kittens and sell the online, of course, requiring all the money before shipping-excited family waiting for their new baby that never comes. They are out $7000 +shipping cost, maybe they drove hundreds of miles like I do, to a larger airport, and full of expectations and maybe a name, toys and food-bed, cat tree, ect, waiting at home, only to be left with a broken ❤️ And some real anger. I have had clients call after running into this, and it’s beyond cruel. Now I see an app that can remove watermarks. Great! That’s what we need....

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