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Coke paper bottle test.


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Apr 22, 2009
Port Angeles, WA
I'd much rather see them returning to reusable glass bottles like the ones we collect.
I'm with you there. Sure, there is an collection, transport, water, chemical and energy cost in washing bottles for reuse. However, I wonder how it stacks against the total cost of the paper product. I know that I always have, and presumably always will prefer consuming beverages and other food products from glass packages. Moreover, while broken glass can present an eyesore and a mechanical injury risk, it is otherwise innocuous lying about in the environment.


Aug 22, 2012
Show Me State (Missouri)
I think it is a fantastic idea. Thanks for posting this !
I"m sure most of us also enjoyed bringing the two together in dramatic collisions as youngsters. Born in 1950, I'm old enough to wonder how many "collectibles" I might have shattered.
I too am older, no wiser, no just been around. The problem with these types of programs and such is one thing... PEOPLE. Plain and simple. Walk down the shoulder of a road and look at the trash. PEOPLE caused that. No recycling program will work because there are a lot of PEOPLE who are inconsiderate and don't care. Come up with all the wonderful programs you want and PEOPLE are always going to be the weak link. I create little waste, I recycle all of my paper, glass, metal and plastic products yet I am a minority and there is no program that is going to change PEOPLE who don't give a darn in the first place. Figure that one out and you'll have a winner. I don't fault Coca Cola for this effort in fact I applaud it, but... I am also suspicious with their reasoning behind it as most of the times these efforts are done in the guise of only selling product. Once the fad is gone or money is lost so is the program. So as a minority I will continue doing what I believe is best for the environment and hope someday more PEOPLE will do the same, but these programs have come and gone many times during my short life time and I haven't seen much change in PEOPLE. As far as the collecting side of it if PEOPLE hadn't thrown stuff out would we be collecting that trash today? I like to look at it as I have turn what was once trash into treasure. I even take the materials I find in the old dumps and recycle it, even made a bit of money off the metal stuff, unless I find a nice old bottle to keep... into the recycle bin. Most collectors won't do this as it takes some effort and a place to keep the trash until it gets taken to the recycle place. Those recycle places hate to see me show up as most of the stuff is dirty and they don't like that. So I have ranted long enough thank you for letting me. Peace and blessings to all.
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Jun 11, 2020
I"m sure most of us also enjoyed bringing the two together in dramatic collisions as youngsters. Born in 1950, I'm old enough to wonder how many "collectibles" I might have shattered.
I’m 40 and occasionally my dad and I will go to a spot he’s known about for a long time looking for bottles and marbles. One day we were looking at shards of slug plates lying around and I made the comment that it was a shame all the good broke ones everywhere, he laughed and said “ Yeah there’s no telling how many I shot with a BB gun when I was a kid ! “ lol

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