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Colors, colors, and more colors.


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Feb 20, 2020
A feature all bottles and glassware has is color. There needs to be a standardization of colors, such as agreed upon painting artists and/or long time knowledgeable bottle collectors, identifying colors and hues of those colors. Presently, an artists color scale is closest in terminology and how we envision these long established colors by name. Too many times I've seen a little deeper hue "aqua" being called "cobalt", "ice blue", "sky blue" and others. Having dug and collected civil war period bottles for over 60 years I've seen just about every color and off color in glass bottles, vases and tableware made. All color assignments should be made in natural light against a clear sky, meaning outside without the bright sun behind it) and never indoor incandescent light.
At this point in time, colors should be referred to as the "base" color, then a hue or "strength" of that color or possibly an inclusion of another "base color" creating a from this base color. To me, BASE colors in bottles Aqua, Cobalt, Olive, Green, Yellow, Clear, Amber, Teal, and White. Of course many collectors will add shades and intensities in this group. As a common example..yellow/green, perhaps olive/amber,hint of yellow, etc. etc. I guess if we all saw colors the same, a base color code made from plastic, celluloid or chart would be simple to make but seeing that we don't, each of us will continue to form their own opinion as to what color they want to call it. Bottom line, no sense arguing about a color...if this is what you see and like, this is what you'll get.... or get rid of. Just my 2-cents and a picture of early morning light coming through a diversity of color.



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Jan 11, 2020
New Jersey
People seam to be making up thier own color names. Electric blue is one that comes to mind. I maybe wrong. Blue is blue? Right?No! cobalt blue, light blue, aqua blue, where does it end.

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