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Crude Early DALBYS CARMINATIV....no E it wouldnt fit


Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2010
I just received this one and I believe it is an early American version of the British made bottle.This bottle sports a rolled lip I havent seen before on any of these. I have seen Flared and the inward rolled type but never a Wistar type rolled lip where the neck is just rolled or turned down outwardly.The bottle also has a deep push up very symmetrical pontil mark.The bottle is embossed DALBYS CARMINATIV lacking the E. It looks like the mold maker did not calculate the available area to engrave CARMINATIVE on the bottle......or is it another example of poor grammar seen often on other old bottles.




Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2010
I would like to hear back from anyone else who has seen this type of lip on this bottle and I hope the British Gents on the forum add their thoughts also.


Well-Known Member
Sep 1, 2008
That bottle kicks butt. I would lean toward the moldmaker not spelling it right than laying it out wrong. He was too talented cutting those beautiful letters with the flared serifs. I'm sure that the letters were laid out first with chalk or soapstone before cutting, so if they ran out of space, it would be no problem to erase it and go again. Heck of a score, Steve. That rolled top rocks.

I've never seen a pontil scar like that. What do you make of it?


Well-Known Member
Apr 29, 2009
Mullica Hill NJ
Really a crude, early Dalby's. That missing E is pretty common, though - I've seen a lot of Dalby's with that error, even some early smooth base ones. I always assumed there was more than one mold with a missing E just because of how many are out there, but never compared any to see. The other possibility is that the missing E mold originated in Philly or South Jersey, so that most of the production from it ends up being dug around here. Be interesting to get a few of them together and compare them to see which theory works....

RED Matthews

Well-Known Member
Aug 2, 2008
Sarasota FL & Burdett NY
This is a really nice old bottle to have and to study. There is little doubt in my mind that the missing E was omitted because the mold maker didn't have a proper lay out paper for marking the required word in the mold. They get tired on their job and it could have been an early sales mans sample bottle. They often had something wrong because they only made one mold back then, to create the jobs sample. We had this happen in our mold shop, more times than I like to admit. RED Matthews

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