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Demerara Ice House


New Member
Aug 1, 2012
Hi there,

You have a great site!!!

I am emailing you from British Columbia, Canada and would love your help in identifying this bottle.

I’ve attached pictures in the hope that it might help as I have exhausted all possible resources on the internet to learn about the history and value of this find. I have discovered from reading that ice was brought by ship to the hotel’s ice house from Canada and this might explain how the bottle arrived back in Canada.

The markings are:
Side 1: “Demerara Ice House†“Proprietors†“D’aguiar Bros†– there is a small line under the “s†in Bros.
Side 2: “Trade†“Mark†is respectively on the top and bottom of a 3â€x1†image of an open hand that is holding a heart in the palm – fingers and thumb are pointing up and are straight.
Bottom: The numbers "6364" are on the bottom of the bottle.

The hotel that seems to be the origin of the bottle is Demerara Ice House Hotel, located in Georgetown – Guyana, and was purchased by the D'Aguiar Brothers around 1907. Other than this, I can’t find any more information related to this codd bottle. With the soil in and on the bottle, I assume it was dug up by someone. There are air bubbles in the bottle glass as well.

I truly would be so very grateful to you if you can shed any light on this find.

Most sincerely,
Andrew English



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