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Early American Lacy Salts 1825 to 1850


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Jan 23, 2010
[h1]Lacy Salt Stags Horn Group[/h1]For the glass collectors who might want to venture into this area of collecting it is quite rewarding because two fine people from Philadelphia not far from where I reside here in Southern New Jersey took the time to put together this remarkable book. Armed with this information it is easy to find these salts. The two people who put this book together are a husband and wife team Logan Wolfe Neal and his wife Dorothy Broom Neal. They along with help from some of the most versed experts in the pressed glass field James Rose,Ruth Webb Lee ,George and Helen Mc'kearin. There are some beautiful designs and a multitude of colors to look for. For you bottle collectors who have run out of room because of shear volume these salts are roughly 3 and a half inches by 1 and three quarter inches in size making them a good choice for a massive collection with little room needed to display them. I personally got started collecting these by total accident as I acquired one through a group lot win on an online auction. After researching the salt I found out it was quite rare and looked great. From there began a new adventure........

There are 39 category's that were charted ,but there are over 500 variants including different colors of the same variant to look for. What is slightly different about these salts to the American only collector is,the Neals Allowed European glass mainly French (but a small percentage over all about a half percent) to be included. Today I will show you the Front page and the index of the book. Then the entire Stags horn Category along with salts from my own collection so you can see first hand how I was able to identify which variants I had found and how easily a new collector could get similar results. The Basic patterns of the Stags Horn group at first glance are the same,however it is the subtle differences usually on the base of these that determines rarity and value. As is in the bottle collecting world color is king. First I will show you the lay out of each page which is completely consistent through out the book. On the pictures below notice although they appear similar there are differences other then color. On most of these the base Sunbursts are different in many ways,thinner rays,Wider rays,the number of rays and dots and no dots in the center.

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