Ebay sales slow/down


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Why is ebay slow? I agree with all the above mentioned. And now there are 100's of sell sites on facebook that many use to sell their items with no listing fees or finial vale fee on item or shipping...I sell the odd item on ebay and the fee on shipping ticks me off!..lol, at least you get 50 free insertions per month but that's for a basic back of the bus listing.
I still shop ebay because there are still good items to be had that I may never find here, and even if the shipping is a little high 20-30 bucks say , I just remind myself that I'll spend that much on gas
(with current gas price 40) to go out to do a round of 3-4 shops and hope I come home with something.​

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I have noticed it too in the collectibles and other categories such as auto parts and clothing that I sell in. My sales have plummeted. I typically do between $1,000-$2,000 per month. I am down 28.9% over the past 31 days and down 26.2% from the same time last year. Sales have definitely slumped and I am not sure why. I can surmise that national and global instability might have a little something to do with it. However, shipping costs are definitely NOT helping, especially overseas.


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Hello everyone. I was away for a while and got busy with things for a while. Namely out looking for bottles a LOT. Imagine that. Anyways Ebay is slightly better this month but not a lot. As some posters said about, I do believe other sites are taking a big bite out of Ebay. Especially Etsy. The one drawback from Etsy is the listing fee for each item. That can add up after a while. Especially when fees such as shipping are already so tight. On Ebay I most always offer free shipping for anything, to keep buyers attention. Sometimes that makes the Buy It Now price higher but one way or another shipping has gotta be paid for.

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