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ebay soda scam.


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Oct 6, 2006
I know that Guy, he's a good Friend of Mine. Honest & Trustworthy. He's mainly a Beer Can Collector. The reason some are getting Hundreds is because those are the ones that are Pre Pro. LEON.

p.s. they are real.


Jun 21, 2013
The label states 7oz the bottle is too large to be a 7oz bottle . If you have a 7oz bottle hold it in your hand and it will become very obvious. Secondly the bottle daily production numbers for a company of this size even if they are a licensed regional bottler in another state would mean that there should be plenty of these bottles out there for the finding in dumps with other 7up bottles (bottler dumps in particular). Also they would have had to change up their production line to 'hand filling' and source an obsolete bottle capping method that would be labor intensive and not practical in addition to finding someone to hand blow the glass bottles in 1935. If it was a commemorative bottle it would not have been a blob since they are not that old of a company. Most bottle collectors know that there are 'machine made' blobs out there dating early 1900s but this one is hand made.

The label can be faked quite easy. I have worked in the printing industry for over 40 years. I collect soda bottle labels and have been in contact with printers who have been in business for over 120 years. The paper used for labels likely would not have the 'sheen' this one appears to have (clay based coated stocks were available but expensive for a pop label and age differently). Also paper labels can be examined with a magnifying glass and observe the paper fibre density with a label from this period (which we can not determine by the pictures). The fonts used on the label can determined if they were produced with a modern typesetter. If it is a direct copy the over all legibility would be further degraded since it is a copy of a copy. It is a two color label and if they had it reprinted it would be too costly and he would not get his money back. The color chipping on the label down to the white surface is indicative of a copier, more porous uncoated paper stocks will bleed into the paper and cause the bleeding effect where the sharpness of the text will diminish and inks settles deeper into the paper itself (also compare the ink splatter under a magnifying glass). The ink surfaces will have a slightly raised effect with a sheen in contrast to the finish of the paper stock used if it printed on a copier (inkjet smears with moisture, dye-sub or laser lays on the surface and chips off).

There is a chance that the label is original but it appears to me very slim. You would need to find another bottle with the same label or just a label period to make a precise determination. It is like counterfeit money, it does not feel right but we can not hold this in our hand. The man selling may have been duped and he has covered himself to a degree by his ad wording but he would remember who he bought it from and he himself should provide a 'pedigree' of the bottle to justify the huge price. The art world requires this to be a certified original.

Enough said.


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Aug 10, 2016

Interesting and helpful -Thanks for sharing - Please take a look at the following and see what think about it

The first link is to a current eBay listing. The second link is to the Worthpoint website


1. The three Glaser 7up paper labels listed on Worthpoint
2. The current eBay photo is IDENTICAL to the Worthpoint photos
3. The seller's descriptions on eBay and Worthpoint are also IDENTICAL
4. Two of the Worthpoint listings are from 2018 and one is from 2019

Please note that I am not trying to discredit the eBay seller as there is not enough evidence to support that at the moment. However, I do find it suspicious enough to call attention to it. With that said, I can't help but wonder why the seller would use the identical photos and text for at least three years? It doesn't say in any of the descriptions if the label pictured is the one you will receive, but it sort of sounds that way - although every description does claim the labels are original. ???

eBay Current


Worthpoint - 2018 and 2019


relic rescuer

Feb 2, 2016
Does anybody think this paper label is legite to this Bottle or belongs on this Bottle,

I don't know much about old bottles period, but it looks to me like the label is torn, intentionally, just so it doesn't look too perfect. The paper just looks too new, and perfect on the edges. Some aging you just can't fake.


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Mar 9, 2013
Northern N.J.
Value of bottle/label as is = $20 max
I wouldn't pay 5 cents for stuff* (editted) I would have left at dig site..... I have found this bottle a half a million times (it's european) and it has had ammonia and vinegar labels on them, and they are dime a dozen. That Label was pasted on the bottle... and I believe that the seller bought it a long time ago when he was amassing a soda (Ginger Ale, and other soda mixers collections) and wants to "salt " it in to his legit bottles and get rid of it

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