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F. H. Heckins Mineral Water Bottle?

Big Ralph

Active Member
Jan 31, 2010
Hi folks. I have posted here before but that was a couple of years ago. I still have this bottle. It's a pint, emerald green, Saratoga type bottle, in mint condition. It reads F.H, Heckings Mineral Water, New York. The last time I asked a questions on this bottle was about three years ago. In that period of time , has anyone seen one of these bottle being sold or one come up at auction? I have tried to research this bottle for a lot of years but I have not found anyone who ever saw one or even heard of one. Any help out there?


Well-Known Member
Sep 1, 2008
Here's a link to Tod von Mechow's site as well: http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABShowBottle.aspx?Bottle=T-M-15&Firm_Number=56530 Also lists a couple of varients. Not sure which one yours is. You might want to post some pictures again.

It shows that American Glass Gallery auctioned an example, but how far back and for how much, I'm not sure. Should be a listing on Dealers & Collectors, but there's not. Don't know how often that site is updated. You might contact John Pastor at AGG on what the one he sold went for and when.

Big Ralph

Active Member
Jan 31, 2010
Thanks guys for the help. I tried to contact the folks you mentioned but no luck. I took a better look at the picture of the bottle on the AGG site and I believe that is my bottle. I posted that picture I believe back around 2011 or 2012. I did contact one auctioneer who is suppose to be the authority on this kind of bottle and he has never seen one. He checked in a book he said all auctioneers use and can't find where one was ever sold or even come up to auction. Is there a big bottle show somewhere on the east coast where advanced collectors of Saratoga Mineral waters might come to play?

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