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finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches


Feb 9, 2018
Hello I have been reading your posts with the cans. I have used Oxalic acid powder to soak beer cans that you cant read anything through the rust. It will at least bring out the color under the rust. Wont make them perfect but will be able to ID them. 1 cup acid in gallon of hot water. Check them after a day or two and it should magically appear through the rust. We were able to get it through a chemical supply company but you had to by a bulk quantity I think 5 gallon bucket became quite expensive. Hope this helps in your quest for the missing can in your collection.
Found this pic on amazon $ 120 for the bucket. a search also showed that Walmart has a 2 lb bag for about $14 They both label it as a rust remover.


Well-Known Member
May 17, 2012
Ontario , Canada
poked around the main can dump one last time before its likely covered in snow soon . used the metal detector to try and find any areas or cans I had missed , and found a couple , also some trees down which I though might be over cans .

found a couple bottles such as a coca cola no deposit , syrup maybe maple ? some glass jars

cans included - coca cola , Tab , Mountain Dew , Canada dry - tonic water , Wink , Orange Crush , Fanta - ginger ale , carlton club - cola , Welch's grape , Wilson's Bitter Lemon , Canada dry - root beer , Miller ( aluminum beer can ) ,

never seen the Canada dry root beer before but it rusted badly and has a hole in it

think the Wilson's Bitter lemon is uncommon and should clean up more , will post a cleaned up picture of it in a couple days




Active Member
May 10, 2009
cleaned up main location and checked to see if there was anything I has missed , was a couple things

bottles included a broken pepsi , no deposit bottles , liquor and glass jars

cans found were - coca cola , pepsi , Canada dry , Yukon club - cola , 7 up , grand prix - cola , cavalier - ginger ale , and another odd Wilson's Toronto can , this one for " Charlies - Orange its one in middle , not a lot remains but enough there to read its logo

also found a 7 up cap inside a glass jar , wondering if its from the 7 up bottle I found there earlier this year ?

View attachment 213522View attachment 213523View attachment 213524
Those old steel can were really something. No crush with ones hands!

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May 17, 2012
Ontario , Canada
on the weekend poked around another dump I had found near a highway a couple years ago , its very large but not that old , most of the cans seem to be late 70's early 80's

a few bottles there mostly seemed to be coca cola nd without labels , found 2 caps for pepsi bottles and a broken local ginger ale for Muskoka dry

lots of cans , a lot of store brands but some still had nearly full colour if they were buried deep enough and hidden from elements

cans included - coca cola , diet coke , cherry coke , dr pepper , Schweppes- tonic water , sprite , hires , Fanta - cream soda , Canada dry , royal crest - root beer , no name - ginger ale , cola , sun pac juice , carlton club -ginger ale , chateau - ginger ale , cola , temagami dry ginger ale , 7 up raspberry and orange chill ( an odd flavour I've never seen before , orange can mostly rusted away with a small area of colour , raspberry solid with some fade ) .

the temagami dry ginger ale is a northern Ontario can , never found it in cans before , found the odd bottle . it was originally bottled in North Bay Ontario ( never bottled in temagami , they just used that name cause it sounded better ) on the can says it was bottled by temagami dry distributors ltd Cochrane Ontario


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