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Finds from my past 2 digs


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Jul 20, 2019
I usually post reviews of my digs over on treasurenet under the name bottles123 (and formerly on the bottledigging subreddit) but I figured I'd post some stuff on here as well today. I found all of these over my past 2 digs. I'll start with the beers:


An E. F. Keane, Grenhart & Sons (lips a bit busted, unfortunately), Interboro Brewing Co, Rommeney Bottling Co, and an S. Liebmann & Sons. I've found 2 of this exact Liebmann bottle before, but this one's been recapped, which I think is cool. The E. F. Keane has some serious stains. Has anyone ever tried soaking bottles in Draino? I was thinking I'd give that a try. The Rommeney has a really cool pic on the reverse of a bottle holding an arm, you can see it below.



Here's some more additions to my ever growing neckless local bottles collection. John Wolfert and A. Nowak (town name is Islip, if it's too faded to read). Hopefully I find intact examples soon,


Here's some small stuff. A Paul Jones Whiskey sample bottle, a Bixby shoepolish, a bromoseltzer (my first intact cobalt glass) and a Horlick's Malted Milk (from Wisconsin?). I dug a full size Paul Jones on the same site a few months ago, so it was funny pulling this up.


Turned sideways for your reading pleasure: Cook's Marjoram Cream and a Northport Pharmacy bottle. I find it funny that the directions are limited to "foot of main street". Simpler times.


A Royal Sauce Co. Worcester Sauce bottle. The stopper was in it when I found it. Small flash in the back, unfortunately. I found a Challenge Sauce bottle from the same company at the same site a while back.


An older Scott's Emulsions. It has a picture of a man walking with a fish, along with a 5 and a star on the base, opposed to the blank base ones from later years I've seen in floors. About half of the very top of the lip is missing.


Some nice pickle jars. Always love finding these.


An ammonia flask with 360 on the bottle (found an identical one a few digs ago) a strap side aqua (again, a dupe) and a Dr. S. Pitcher's Castoria (embossing is on the sides).

Got a few more things, but there's a cap of 10 files, so I'll make another thread.



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May 24, 2014
Nice finds! Those are some nice beers, especially the pictorial one (and I like that one with the inverted Mitsubishi logo as well haha!) I really like that pharmacy bottle as well, you don't see that many of those with a descriptive location rather than an address or intersection.

Robby Raccoon

Trash Digger
Jun 14, 2014
Locō movērī
Nice bottles.

Yes, I've tried Draino and other cleaners, Hydrochloric and Sulphuric Acid, vinegar and bleach, etc. None did more than remove rust. Bar Keepers Friend is also good.

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