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First use of "hobble skirt" to describe Coca-Cola bottles?


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Mar 10, 2010
This is the earliest reference to the "Mae West" bottle I have been able to find so far, from ...

The Glass Packer periodical - May 1945 - Volume 24 - Number 5

And in part says ...

At that it is a vast improvement over its predecessor, nicknamed the "Mae West." The Mae West is the industry's most classic example of how to incorporate every bad feature in a single jar; 112 per cent overweight, and it simply wouldn't stand upright on a conveyor belt.


Note: I don't like these Google Book snippet views because you cannot open the entire page - at least I don't know how. If someone knows how, please do so and share it with us. Thanks

If nothing else, it at least gives us a "latest date" reference to work with. The way the article is worded, it sounds like they are quoting a previously used term and did not coin it themselves.

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Man-o-man, I must be losing it! I totally forgot about this that I posted ten days ago.



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Mar 10, 2010

But even with that said, I'm back on the trail again and looking for an even earlier date than 1945, and hopefully the origin of the Mae West nickname.


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Mar 10, 2010
Talk about ambiguous connections ...

I just purchased this matchbook on eBay for $5.16 because ...

1. It has the image of Mae West on the inside.
2. "It Ain't No Sin" was a Mae West movie released in 1934.
3. The cover shows the drawing of a nude women inside of a bottle.
4. It was cheap - only $5.16
5. I haven't been able to precisely date it yet, but it "should" date prior to 1938.
6. Maybe its the origin of the first Mae West bottle reference.

Note: Because the cover might be considered R Rated, I am only posting portions of it. Here's the link if you want to see the entire cover ...


(I realize this is farfetched, but if nothing else it will serve as a little souvenir for this thread)

Mae West Matchbook Inside eBay Feb 2016.jpg

Mae West Matchbook eBay Feb 2016.jpg

Mae West Matchbook eBay Feb 2016 (3).jpg
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