Five for Friday!


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wanted to do a red/white them for Canada day which awkwardly falls on a Thursday this year ( july 1st )

some of these may have been posted already - lock city SOO Ont , Penetang bottling co , Vitality Petawawa , Evenageline , Mountain - Brockville


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Here are my 5/ we have been waiting for the “golden hour” for pix. We have 5 natural amethyst bottles- I know because I dug 4 up way back- the sample whiskey is the only one I didn’t pull out of a dump. I was shooting for 5? But really now that I have my glasses on, a rum bottle snuck in this line up!
1. Geo Wisseman from Sacramento CA
2. Unmarked whiskey
3. A “Monogram RG& CO. From Philada” sample whiskey bottle (I found last week)
4. “Sheehan’s Canada malt whiskey”
5. The poser of the group but maybe the most fun…
“Bay Rum H Michelsen St Thomas” (takes me back to working
In Jamaica at Bob Marleys Tuff Gong studio when I used to

Anyway, now I’m on the search for 1 more REAL amethyst whiskey. You would not believe the purple bottles in the house I was burned on. I never heard of irradiated bottle before guys! And the price tags I left on those…. Ouch! Once they were my new favorite ones- now- hey, eBay!? Have a great weekend, y’all- it’s supposed to be 115-117 here all next week so when the going gets tuff, I hit the lake or what’s left of it…. Shady cove, bbq on the boat…. & just chill in the water!

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Because someone’s got to school these geese! Now class……

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And in honor of Canada day, I plan to school your geese! They will be Learn-ed Canadian geese- doctors and such-by the time they fly back home. AND- I’m pretty white right now, because of too much windy weather, lately, to take the boat out…. I’m pasty white but am sure I will turn red before the day is finished, in honor of the great red and white, right? Happy Thursday, y’all!

How did I end up with 2 names on this? And does anyone know how to delete 1 account, because I never know who I’m signed in as…. Anyway 1 and the same, here. Kat. >^..^<

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