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Flea Market finds


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Sep 25, 2005
Warwick, RI
I hit 2 flea markets today and picked up a few. I got 2 Rhode Island cokes, Providence and Newport. I just need the Woonsocket, RI, Wyanoke, and South County Beverages Cokes to have one of all the RI cokes! Also got some nice crown beers, 1 blob beer, a med, and an awesome apple green bowling pin soda from Turk's Beverage Co of Providence, RI. I've never seen this one before!

Pics below:

Coca Cola Newport, RI
Coca Cola Providence, RI
Potter's Drug & Chem Co, Boston, Mass, USA
Turk's Head Beverages, Providence, RI




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Sep 25, 2005
Warwick, RI
Here's the beers:

Albert C. Eppinger, Town Of Union, NJ
Edward Dray, 31 Main St, New London, CT
Chickering House, Dwyer, Putnam, CT
Property Of Wm. Albrecht, Boston, Mass (In a nice embossed script)
Hyannis Well Spring, J.L. Panesis & Co, Hyannis, Mass

Any info on these is welcome, and thanks for looking!




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those are listed as commons, tat woonsocket is going to be a tough one to find.... only hobbleskirt from there is a 1915 and its listed as S+

put up the others you have... do you have most of the towns? or most of the actual different bottles?


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Sep 25, 2005
Warwick, RI
Bottlenutboy, the RI bottle book only lists a few RI cokes:

Providence (hobbleskirt)
Peacedale (hobbleskirt)
Newport (hobbleskirt)
Woonsocket (hobbleskirt)
Woonsocket (ss coke soda water, marked Woonsocket)
Wyanoke brand (ss coke soda water, marked Woonsocket)
South County Beverages (ACL coke, marked Peacedale)

I know there are several variations of each, I'm just trying to get one of each type, not every variation. I have the Providence, Newport and Peacedale hobbleskirts. I'm keeping my eye out for the other ones!

Edited: I just checked my other ones, the Peacedale is also a Pat D., and I also have a Hartford, CT, and Auburn, ME, both Pat D's.
Aug 10, 2019
Massachusetts, USA
Here's the beers:

Property Of Wm. Albrecht, Boston, Mass (In a nice embossed script)
I know this is an incredibly old thread but this is the only other resource I've found containing any mention of a WM Albrecht. I too have one of those bottles. Information is few and far between, but I will share what I have.

A newspaper clipping from 1903 with an advert left of center listing Albrecht selling "Bock Beer."

Here is a 1905 Massachusetts Board of Health document listing him as producing drinks under the brand "W.A. Extra Pale Ale."

In the same document, he has two convictions for adding fluoride to his ale.

He is listed as attending a brewer's convention in 1907 in this document.

Next, a document from a 1917 issue of "The American Bottler" where he is selling a wide variety of bottling machinery for cheap.

And finally, here are a few Etsy listings for bottles embossed with the same script.

There really isn't much around but we know Albrecht produced a pale ale type beer starting as early as 1903, and going until 1917 when he sold off his equipment.

While I am 12 years late to this thread, I hope I helped shed some light on this bottle. Best of luck to you.

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