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Fly Ded Bottle


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Dec 4, 2007
Peoria Co.
That's an interesting piece. Was it hand-blown or machine made, and do you think that it served as a poisoned insect trap or, just a poison powder(?) bottle?


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Jul 9, 2011
Any idea on a date? It was a lot of hard work to dig where I found this. There is slate, random bricks and the dirt has layers of HARD light colored soil/material and then normal dirt. I was going to stop digging there, not sure if I should continue? It is an old dumping area (like a ravine, leads to a small river), which is on the tail end of a piece of property with a house that was built in 1890, across the street 1903, 1918, etc.


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Dec 9, 2008
Evening Ms. Leona,

"AHP’s (American Home Products) Boyle-Midway division was the home of Black Flag, one of the most popular insecticide brands. Since Black Flag was a popular product for killing insect pests, it might be surprising Boyle-Midway also made a second insecticide brand--- FLY Ded.

Flies have an unpleasant reputation of spreading disease and other unpleasant things. To make things even worse, they enjoy making life miserable for typical human beings by buzzing around the room. If there was a room in the house these pests weren’t exactly welcomed, it was the kitchen. With food being prepared, flies could very easily spread their dirty stuff just by landing on it (YUK!). Of course, one solution was to use a fly swatter. It’s effective--- as long as a fly wasn’t fast enough to escape it. When it wasn’t, I won’t describe the dead fly’s fate, because it’s too disgusting. The best alternative to eliminate flies was our hero in the orange and blue can, FLY Ded.Just spray in the air with the handy FLY Ded sprayer, and flies seem to disappear from the room--- or kick the bucket! FLY Ded eliminated the flies with a pleasant scent that didn’t drive the family members outside the house. In a nutshell, no other spray could do more than FLY Ded--- most do less! FLY Ded was one of the Ded line of bug killers. There was a Ded insecticide for just about every insect pest. Along with FLY Ded, there was also ROACH Ded, MOTH Ded, ANT Ded, BUG Ded, and FLEA Ded. Quality Ded-ly products for insect pests at a reasonable price." From.

Datewise, I'd guess 1920-1940's.



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Jul 9, 2011
Thanks everyone for your info!


Good Evening Surfaceone,

You never cease to amaze me with your replies. Your efforts are always appreciated.


PS Any advice on my last reply regarding continuing to dig?

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