Found not sure years but 1800 dump site



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The small brown multi color one may be a natural stone,mineral base, and gem stones made into marbles. Although my knowledge is very limited as I'm new to collecting marbles myself. But from my research and overall site surfing to help me identify what I have I've come across the gem stone and natural stone ones a few times. They were of different types of quartz, agate, and even actual marble (how clever hu, lol) Hard to tell, and a few photos of the other clear chunky ones would help in seeing the other if any colors or pattern. But just seeing on this one photo, if I had to guess, they are larger boulder or shooters that were a clear base with minimal ribbons or accent colors. Possibly the size of 1" or larger, but broken or busted in the life they have lived since it was made. That kind of breakage and chipping that I have seen was from them being used as ammo for sling shots to break bottles for sport or dent metal signage along roads or highways. I hate to think that though, I'm a softy for my marbles, they can be cheap and not of collectable value and I love them more than ones that aren't as unique to me and true collection grade and value. I will do a little research later today on the others and maybe help you figure them out as well. I've attached a few screenshots of natural mineral or semi precious gem stones that have been made into marbles. I found these on

Great find though and good luck with your hunt for more :)


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