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Got a few on hold..


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Jul 4, 2010
Lyles, TN
Went to an estate sale yesterday, first one, or better said the first antique event I've been to in a while.. Nothing much at the sale, some local crocks, and a lot of 20's+ sodas, but nothing of too much interest.. So-bored, we decided to hit some local shops just for fun (Michael a friend of mine was with me, we had just be released from the technology center for summer break.) also a big fan of German stuff, as he is part Dutch..He was getting a kick out of the old steins, and plates, etc. OF course neither of us had cash, just plastic, but we still had fun.Went to another shop just off Main Street. Found it by accident, but I'm glad I did...Were three old ladies talking about inside, welcomed me-welcomed me in, asked what I was looking for, and I replied- "Glass..old glass.. Primarily bottles, but I am adding to my Depression glass set". She replied "Look all around, and you will find what you want"-with a smile.. So.. 30 minutes later I had found 3 pieces..they are as follows:1: Button and Bow sugar bowl, Pink with a beautifully crafted design, and with top. No cracks, no chips, $30. I have most of the set in my buffet. I have the creamer+ plates, Bowls, cups, and a platter, but not the sugar..2: A blue "Princess" design tea cup. a nice little pick up for my tea love.. $43: "A man on a barrel" whiskey decanter..Yes it is what you think it is. Clear glass, with stopper/shot glass, only a chip on the edge of the glass. I have always loved figurals and just had to reserve it. I have seen them at shows, and in books, and was in love with it.. Price: $15.. on sale.. $11.. I have it held and will go back next week for them.. I am looking forward to going back, and getting them, but I need to know if you guys think it is a good deal..I will post pic of what they kind of look like, NOTE: The pictures are not of them, I take no ownership to the photos.[attachment=ABN Photo1Post17008.jpg][attachment=ABN Photo2Post17900.jpg] Note that the one I found is clear...


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