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Green ribbed bottle flask with eagle


New Member
Nov 5, 2014
Hi all
I bought this charming bottle/flask recently. It has a pontin mark, rough as well as some numbers....not sure whether its 1913 or 1973 or perhaps has no relation with age of flask. It also has a scratch number B-13
Would be interesting to hear of its origin and approx. age
many many thanks



Well-Known Member
Apr 30, 2007
Summerfield, Fl
Here is some info I found when I came across one of these bottles awhile back,

"This flask was reproduced in 1973 for the Historical Bottle Collectors Guild, an affiliate of Owens - Illinois - In 1972 the Historical Bottle Collector's Guild was formed by the Glass Containers Division ofOwens-Illinois. Together with some of the most renowned bottle collectors and Glass historians an advisory board was formed and plans were made to issue a small number of reproductions of scarce original bottles. Members of the committee included, The Director Phillip Williams,assisted by the following S.A. Smith early collector, The late Charles B. Gardner renowned American Early glass collector,American Glass historian and Author of many books on the subject Cecil Munsey, The late Dr. Julian H. Toulouse a collector, and George McKearin one of the finest and most knowledgeable glass historians in the United States. The reproductions by the Historical Bottle Collectors Guild put out by the Owens-Illinois Inc. Works, were very accurate with the molds being made from the original bottles, there were four bottles commissioned by the Guild they are all marked on the base with the
logo of Owens-Illinois an I within an O. The original plan called for 3500 of each, which originally sold for $27.50 in 1971. The four bottles are two flasks and two bottles, the Concentric Ring-Eagle CanteenFlask GII-76, Jacob's Cabin Tonic Bitters GII-6, Columbia-Eagle Flask GI-117A,and the Star Whiskey Bottle in Slug plate. Also put out by the Owens-Illinoisin 1929 was the A.Yoerger & Bro., Alton, IL soda bottle with blob top, 600were made. L. A. McCullough replaced Mr. Smith as the director and saw the first of the Guilds work come to production. The first bottle was the Concentric Ring-Eagle Canteen Flask GII-76 called for 3500 flasks to be produced. The end result was quite different however as only 675 were produced. It was determined that limiting the number of flasks would keep the value up as time went on


New Member
Nov 5, 2014
Wow!! thank you so much for your valuable time in detailing the production of these bottles. I am truly grateful.

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