Green Union Flask


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This is another one from my grandmothers collection that I inherited. She wasn't big into bottles, but she was a whiz when it came to collecting antiques in general.

I managed to snap a few pictures of it on the porch before the sun went down. I really need to work on my bottle photography skills, I think.

Anyway, I've read on here that these can go for big money? What do you think about this one?



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That is a really nice bottle. I still don't have any of those. If you are serious about getting batter at bottle photography you will need an actual camera. Cell phone pics that that fog and glare to them.


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I think these bottles are Common, I got a few different ones & seen many others, most only get around $50 & some $100+. BUT, Most are Aqua. Oddball colors can make a big difference. yours is a real light green, if it was a even darker green or more green then I'm sure it would get even more, Not sure how much more such a light green would get over aqua. Lots of droopy glass around top, never seen one with that much of a mess around top, BUT, some people like that. LEON.ClaspedHandsFlask.jpg
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