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Help - possible dig in my own backyard


New Member
Mar 12, 2017
OK so serious newbie to digging....but I have a strong suspicion that a portion of my backyard was some sort of dump. That part of my property meets an old, designated alleyway and many of the homes around me are 70-120 years old. I routinely pull up bottles, bottle pieces, etc. from the ground after it rains. I live in Spencer NC and have found the bottom of a Spencer NC pepsi bottle, Chero-cola bottle pieces, Nehi bottle pieces, and Daniel Boone cola bottle pieces among others - including medicine, etc. bottles. Sadly, several years ago, when I had to have a limb removed, I heard all kinds of crackling and breaking of glass as the Bobcat rolled over that part of my property - having no idea what was breaking at the time. Should I just go crazy and "Indiana Jones" my backyard.......or, due to the Bobcat, am I wasting my time?

Any help is appreciated!


Well-Known Member
May 24, 2014
Sure sounds like a dump! I wouldn't worry too much about the bobcat, there should at least be some smaller bottles that survived the tracks and once you get a foot or two down it shouldn't have had any effect.

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