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Moshe Mayim

Jul 17, 2023
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Looks star trekky to me :). My guess is that it was made in the 1940's or maybe a bit later. If you can the remains of some old houses, often they would trhow trash into the outhouses. If you dig around, you may find soil littered with bits of glass or of a different color. Dig down a ways and see if you hit ash or traces of rust or other debris. Some people use a long piece of thin steel like a thing rod and push it into the ground as they walk around. If there is an old dump or outhouse site, it will sink in a lot faster. Have fun. I got to dig in the 1970's about 20 years after the bottle digging craze kicked in. In my area, we were still finding small dumps and a few huge multi acre areas that were the original city dumps and some were 5 - 10 feet deep and a few spots maybe 20 feet deep of untouched dump. We even used ladders or a bucket tied to a rope to remove the dirt when we got that deep. Even coming behind the first wave, we still found great stuff. I am in Washington State so we didn't have the really cool dumps like they had back east with colonial glass bottles but we still found great bottles from the 1880's and newer.


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Apr 25, 2023
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Woodland, CA
I’m new on this but I’ve been collecting bottles since my history teacher a few years ago in high school told me about the abandoned mining town near us. I’ve been exploring it and found some really cool things!! Now I’ve found out that my area is kind of a hotspot for mining towns that played out after 30-50 years so I’m on the hunt for all sorts of stuff in all sorts of places. Not to mention I am living next to an ancient Native American burial mound and there have been countless excavations in and around my town for the past century or so. Sorry for writing a book, I am just so fascinated and nobody my age (21) cares about these kinds of things!!! So maybe someone here will find some of my stuff interesting haha. Also if someone could tell me what they think that last clear bottle is I would be so happy!!!! I have a few guesses
Hi Lindy! Kindof late in responding to this. I, too got involved in the burial grounds and the search for bottles when I was young. Like 15 or 16. Still enjoy it. Walking fields is easy and relaxing while finding beads and arrowheads. We had the Wintu indians. Dont know if i spelled that right. Have found the pretty shells that were shaped into a rectangle with a hole at the top. Dont know how it made it through all the tractor work that goes on in the fields! Still find things worth keeping. Have passed alot of my stuff to other people who likes looking at it from time to time. lol
Have fun with the mines. Wish we had some of those around here. I just find my bottles behind 'every old farm house'.

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