HI from the Middletown and Hamilton, Ohio


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Welcome aboard......You are right on the path of the old Ohio Miami canal, I live close to three former canals here in northeast Ohio, the Ohio Erie, P&O, and the Sandy Beaver canals, although I've been all around them, I still haven't found any early bottles as of yet near a canal prism....there's always hope...lol....I still keep a close eye out when I'm hiking the prisms.
Yes I am excited. Apparently Clyde Borrow dumped a gun in one of our local canals when he was apprehended here in Middletown.
Well get ready to be an addict! Especially if you find good stuff. The love of other peoples trash…. Who would have thought out of everything I could be addicted to, I pick that? Lol! I’m looking for a patch or 12 step program or something, here….

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Yes..... I am already addicted. Its all I can think about and want to do.
Welcome to the site. Is "Creek Squad" a reference to your preferred hunting grounds? Or, are you a member of the venerable and historically put-upon southeastern tribe?
Its just name name my GF and I came up with. We love to fish and be in the local creeks. Now that we have discovered bottle hunting we been spending a lot more time in the local creeks. Seemed fitting.

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Group therapy good enough?

That’s not a bad plan! JUDY, Are u available? My friend is a shrink…. I invited her from around the block, to Robbys thread, just to see if we are all a touch crazy, or clinically CrAzY! Oh, by the way, here is what she said:


Judy’s funny…. Not crazy YET!? She has my cat, Miss Kira’s sister…. (These 2 are direct sibs to Justin Bieber’s 2 cats.) Judy collects a lot of stuff too, cats included. But we collect different stuff from each other-aside from the cats. It works well.
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