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Honduras Tonic


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Nov 4, 2019
Just bought this bottle on eBay, got it for a sweet price, 35 bucks but shipping is insane now on eBay so it was freaking 47 bucks, prob the last time I buy on eBay but this was just such a nice looking bottle. Mainly just stick to digging and antique stores as each are like surprises as you never know what you may find in stores or in the ground. Ebay is no fun as there's too much to choose from and I don't have endless funds to spend on all the bottles I want lol.

Don't know much about this bottle other than I have never seen one before and the color is drop dead gorgeous. Wasn't sure if anyone knows anything about this company or where it came from. It may be from Pennsylvania as I found a news ad from 1894 from Newcastle, PA for the tonic as a treatment of rheumatism. New Castle is about 30 miles from me. The bottle is about 1890-1905 or thereabouts.

s-l1600 by photolitherland, on Flickr

Only thing I found was this and it says the bottle is worth about 100-150, I don't care about how much its worth I just really like it and want to know the history.
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