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Horshoe Forestry Company


Well-Known Member
Feb 2, 2010
Altamont, New York
First off....fantastic jar!! I am from the Adirondack Mountions in upstate NY. That is a great item ti have.

I have never seen a jar like that before...and believe me, I have combed hundreds of mom and pop antique shops up there in the summer time.

But even if it was a product jar, I dont know why that would keep it from being listed in the Red Book series.
There are MANY product jars listed,,,,,,lots of them.

One right off the top of my head is the Globe Tobacco jar....there are many medical and poison jars listed in the Red Books....


Well-Known Member
Apr 7, 2006
Delta, PA
Thanks a million Aaron for checking your Redbook for me. I agree David there are lots of product jars listed in the Redbook. If used for anything it was their wild berry preserves or maple syrup. Very scenic part of the country and I hope to visit the museum some day. There are two jars to put in Dougs book, the one I have and the other variation pictured. Mine is a pint, I need to find out if the other is a pint or a half pint. Now that you know its out there, I hope you find one!


Dec 27, 2015
Varnville, SC, USA
I know this is a really old post, but I'm just catching up.
It's in Red book 11. Adirondack Mts (arch) Virgin Forest Trade (horse shoe & trees) Mark Hose shoe Forestry Co, Horse shoe St Lawrence Co N.Y. Base: unmarked; lid unknown Ground lip, mason shoulder seal. Squat PT Clear. $50-75


New Member
May 2, 2019
This is the jar I got for my birthday. Melinda had pointed it out, thanks Melinda and its not listed in Redbook #9 (can someone look in 10). I put it next to the flauccus for size but it holds exactly a pint up to the shoulder, a bit more than the flauccus. The Horseshoe Forestry Company was run by A.A. Low an inventer who at the time of his death had more patents than anyone except Thomas Edison. He had a railroad built into Horseshoe and then sold it to a nearby railroad for a dollar. Besides running a logging operation the company also put out maple syrup, wild berry preserves, elderberry wine, and bottled water.


I have a few of the jars in different forms,searching for the holy grail water bottle

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