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Huge dump but can't dig


Well-Known Member
Jan 11, 2020
New Jersey
I know of a huge dump that they built a grammer school on it. It is in the middle of a huge parking lot. Probably to cover the dump. In the back is a hill that constantly has old stuff emerging from the dirt slope. I see it but don't bother. I have better spots that i won't be harrassed for being to close to the school. It is on the opposite side of the fence. Don't need the hassle. Everyone is so worried about being Sued because they are all Sue happy.


Well-Known Member
Apr 9, 2020
What state is this? New Jersey is where i am from. Anyone with a badge looks at you suspiciously, it is just a power trip i don't need. They love to tell you No! You cant do that. Just because they think they can. I had a ranger in Sterling forest one time tell me and my friends that their woods are not for walking around in. I know he wrong but he was being an ass and on a roll. I don't bother to volunteer anymore. Sad that the trash is there. They won't clean it up and they won't let the public do it. So it just sits there. It is called polution for a reason. They were not the ones who littered but they have become the reason it is there.
The park is Arabia mountain in georgia.


Well-Known Member
Apr 22, 2009
Port Angeles, WA
You might be able to contact the regional park authorities and Park Ranger's office and explain what your intentions are. I have a dump on the edge of a future park and existing Bike / Hike trail. Some one dug there before and trashed the place. I told them in return of letting me dig I would return the area back to original state and rebury all the crap the previous digger left on the surface
And did that laudable offer net you permission?


Well-Known Member
Nov 24, 2007
do you own a privy probe? (six feet of spring steel with a handle wielded perpendicular and ballpoint tip)
do you live near a river ?
do you know of any farmland where there is a ravine and then in certain places there is no ravine?
a railroad that crosses gulches
a swampy road

you are far better to dig test holes and find deep deposits where there is no surface dump - the dump is long forgotten

you have to like digging and just want to dig for the heck of it... its all psychological

digging surface dump on state land regardless of age will only bring grief


Apr 18, 2020
Today I came across a huge dump that has 1000's of bottles but is at a state park. This is the biggest dump I have ever found and the bottles at the surface appear to be from the 60's.
It wouldn't hurt to ask if you can dig there. Assure them you will clean up the broken surface glass so no hikers will get hurt and sue your state. You never know.

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