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Cool... we have an insulator subforum now! Thanks, admins!

Since I know we have a fair number of insulator people here, I figured we might as well share our interests and specialties.

As for me:

1) Samuel Oakman and his Boston-area companies: Massachusetts Glass Co, Boston Bottle Works, American Insulator Co and Oakman Manufacturing Co. and any sort of insulator that we can attribute to them.

2) Foreign glass of all types.

3) Beehives (CD 145)

4) Western New York items -- just about anything from Victor, Lima, Corning, etc.

I'm also a research nerd so I'm totally into any sort of history related to the above subjects, plus telephone, telegraph, and glass making history in general.

SC pontil collector

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Hi, I am very new to collecting insulators. I have been collecting CD 121's mostly because my brother would buy them at shows and from other collectors, so it gave me a head start. I have a batch of CD 102's and some other misc insulators as well. They were given to me when he passed away.
This may sound dumb, but I collect them because I just like the way they look.

RED Matthews

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Hello billinme and others; I used to be quite active in insulators, lets say from 12 yrs old to 20 yrs old. I had collected a lot of them and then while I was away in college my parent's had my brother cart them off to the family trash dump on the farm. I don't think I had any of good value so I never tried to dig them up. At this point in time I have two or three hunred of them - but my interest got into the production problems of making them. So I have a lot of them with poorly formed threads and things like that.
The latest interest that I have in my studies of early glass formation methods - has now got me into the Solid Glass Bottles and Jars and Insulators; that were made by filling the molds with hot melted metal from the crucible. I have seen pictures of three insulators made for this same purpose. But I would like to buy at least one or get some pictures of some that are in your collections. I hope someone can help my work project of putting together a Blog for my homepage on this subject of early glass making. Clarence RED Matthews

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O.K. Red, does any of the insulators that I posted on this thread qualify for what your looking for?
Like I said earlier, I collect them because I like the way they look. I have others as well.

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