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Interesting gift from my sister in law


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Hey all,

My sister in law just arrived in town bearing gifts for the family....knowing that I'm a microbrew beer enthusiast, she gave me a set of beer glasses that mess with your mind.

See photo below

Kind of makes you think that you have had too many with the first one![:D][:D]

Any others out there who have received unusual christmas gifts......Post them here!

Happy Holidays!




Well-Known Member
Dec 4, 2007
Peoria Co.
You brew too? Nice! What is your favorite stuff? I like the basic Scotch ale kit formula fortified with a bunch of extra grain, and both attempts at Mead were smashing successes, though I liked the black raspberry a little more than the peach. You can find wild hops growing all over Peoria, and my dad found a whole wild field of the stuff which we went through and picked, though neither he nor I have used it for brewing yet. It might have been an actual hop field for a brewery in the pre-prohibition era, as many Germans lived in the area and Peoria needed lots of the stuff to feed its huge brewing business.

Brewing is good times, but what I want is a clevenger-esque company to cut me a personalized slugplate and blow me a few dozen cobalt and emerald blob beers that I can pack the stuff in. I figure something like this would be sweeet:

[align=center]"The Lipovsky & Sons Brewing Co.
(big ornate L in center)
Peoria, ILLs"

[align=left]Know of any places?
[align=left]Then my father and I could bottle the good stuff in worthy containers and give them away at family events and whatnot, perhaps give a few away to local beer bottle collectors [:D]
[/align] [/align]

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