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Is this a juice jar/jug?


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Mar 9, 2013
Northern N.J.
Well, ok, first its big, right? It looks like a gallon size or maybe half gallon.. I don't know how large/small your hands are. The logo on bottom is registered to Thatcher Glass Manufacturing, we in bottle collecting know them more for milk/dairy bottles. the style of shoulder is very familiar in juice and food products. This bottle/ jug is most likely an orange juice or grapefruit jug... or vinegar, possibly. Most likely from the sixties to the early 80's.

Here is an excerpt from the Web site devoted to the companies history:

Collection Facts

1308 items
Dates of Original:
c. 1905-1979
Collection Owner:
Corning Museum of Glass - Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Research Library, Chemung County Historical Society
NYH Topic Area(s):
  • Business & Industry
Additional Information
Historical Context

In 1883, Hervey D. Thatcher patented the “milk protector” – a glass bottle that allowed milk distributors to deliver their goods in individual sealed bottles rather than ladled from an open pail. The Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company (1905-1985) manufactured milk bottles and other food/drink containers. It had plants located in Kane, Pennsylvania; Streator, Illinois; Elmira, New York; Wharton, New Jersey; Tampa, Florida; Lawrenceburg, Indiana; Toledo, Ohio; and Saugus, California. In 1966, it became a division of Rexall Drug and Chemical Company, later called Dart Industries, Inc. In 1985, Thatcher was sold to Diamond-Bathurst. The company went bankrupt in 1987.
Thanks for posting your find, I hope this info is helpful,

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