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I've Been Digging in the Wrong Spot!


Well-Known Member
Mar 5, 2008
Providence, RI
I decided to do a pre-Easter marsh dig yesterday that began with a perimeter walk to see what the winter turned up. At the very end of my walk, I found a spot with a good amount of exposed glass. It was kind of exposed to a few houses, but I decided to dig a test hole. Well, three hours later, I had an overflowing bucket of bottles! One of the homeowners came out to see me, but he was just curious, and when I gave him a platter I dug, he got excited saying how much his wife would like it. Enjoy the pics! The haul
Big jug with intact handle
Dixon & Carson Walker St. NY (smooth base)
Jacob Wirth & Co. Prov. RI and Gladstone Springs Water Co. Narragansett Pier, RI
Good ol' Kilmers!
Flint glass cruets stained black by saltwater
Cute cosmetic bottle and pontiled vial
Dr. Huyler's Gravel Dissolver. Probably my favorite finds. Completely unlisted and early!
John Wyeth Beef Juice and a brass pawn piece?
Hero fruit jar pint
Nice graduated set of inkwells
The bottoms look nice too!
Another solid inkwell
Nice fruit jar lid
Glass buttons. I don't know how I found these in salt marsh muck!
And lastly a mystery item. It is made of shells and has a glass vial inside. Maybe for smelling salts?


Well-Known Member
May 23, 2011
Love that Hero jar. Same for that hexagonal ink well. The brass "pawn" I would guess is a finial from a hinge, like on a safe or vault door.

Bass Assassin

Well-Known Member
Jun 15, 2013
Deep south
Wow! RIBottleguy, those are some fantastic finds! You have a great assortment there and you may be sitting on a very lucrative location. Judging from the inkwells, I'd say they were very literate and possibly "well-off" folks. You need to get on back and see what else turns up before the neighbor beats you to it.

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