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KILLER DIG!!!!!! Pontil's and pre-1870s galore! Also killer militia stuff!


New Member
Apr 25, 2020
Killer dig today! The spot I found was covered in rocks, but dated back to the 1700s! There were bottles in all the crevices! I'm out of breath already, lol, so I'll just show you guys the finds!

View attachment 214330
Back from left to right:
Atwood Bitters, Blank early med, St. Jacob's Oil, Johnson's American Anodyne Linement (c. 1850s), Howe & Stevens Family Dyes Colors (c. 1850s), early med with huge bubble!
Front from left to right:
Sweets Infallible Linement Open Pontil, Flint Glass perfume, Colgate & Co perfume, and a open pontilled umbrella ink (broken top ☹)

View attachment 214331
Left to right:
Clay marble, glass button, 2 P & S 1875 S.S. Co steamship buttons, U.S. Militia eagle buckle part, 3 eagle U.S. Militia buttons.

Early bottle, look at the bubble! :
View attachment 214332
View attachment 214333

Open Pontil, Steven Sweet's Infallible Linement (w/ contents):
View attachment 214334
View attachment 214335

Rolled lip Johnson's American Anodyne Linement:
View attachment 214337
View attachment 214339

Early! Howe and Stevens Family Dyes & Colors:

View attachment 214342
View attachment 214343
I wish I could find a good place to dig.

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