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Labeled Open Pontil Medicine Bottle, Fully Original

Robby Raccoon

Trash Digger
Jun 14, 2014
Locō movērī
Original label on open pontil hinge-mold bottle.
Labeled pontil bottle 034.jpg
Bush, Gale, & Robinson. I find most references from 1858 and 1860, with one in 1859 and a reference without Bush in 1865. Listed at 186 Greenwich Street in New York City, New York. I also found their credit rating, which was highest out of all those reported around them. 4 A's.
Labeled pontil bottle 035.jpg
Label is in okay shape.
Labeled pontil bottle 036.jpg
Pontiled with hinge-mold.
Bottle also has an interesting texture.
Labeled pontil bottle 038.jpg
I am quite certain the label is original to the bottle. Glue wasn't very cheap. They used as little as possible, hence why they often fell off. On many labeled bottles (not all), only the sides are glued down (thus you could slip a paper under the label in its middle). This displays that. When someone puts a fake label on, he often glues the whole thing. Further, this one is slightly off center and at a slight angle, whereas most people try to make it perfect. The wear and damage is quite correct for its age, rather than artificially created, and the bottle is free of staining except for a build-up of dust and residue (not ground staining). The bottle is period-correct for the info I've found on the company too.
While I normally collect labels based on condition and graphics (or, my city), this one was too good to pass up as it is 160 years old.

Some links to Google Books Directories with them listed.
Link One.
Link Two.
Link Three.

I threw down a max bid and left for work. The bid ended just cents under my max bid. Someone barely missed out. LOL.
It was likely missed by most people, as the seller didn't say Pontil in the listing at all. He left it at O.P. Whoops for him! I only found it as an e-Bay Suggested Item. The other labeled pontil bottle I can tell you had an old label stuck on an old bottle in modern times (which I consider fake, as the label is not original to the bottle, and the label was not even period-correct), and went for a lot more than this. People buy without even knowing what they're buying.

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