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Lancaster Glass Works NY blob soda bottles


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Feb 21, 2014
Southern Indiana
Hi all,
I bought an aqua example of this bottle at a show recently and (as always happens) it piqued my curiosity for more detailed information, so.... just wanted to post a query on the soda bottles marked "LANCASTER GLASS WORKS / N.Y." with the "XX" markings. I know they are found in aqua as well as true blues and greens.

I know from various internet sources that the Lancaster Glass Works of Lancaster, NY operated from 1849 to 1904, plus another year or two around the 1908-1909 period, under various names. Since these bottles are iron pontiled, I would assume most of them date from the 1850s up until around the Civil War era. Are there any examples known that are NOT pontilled??

Trying to see if anyone here who has actually dug these bottles has any information or "hunches" that could pinpoint more precisely the years these bottles were likely made. Do you think they were made over a very long period of time? One site attributes them to "Reed, Shinn & Company" but not sure if they are just going by the time period that particular firm operated the Lancaster works (c. 1851-1861). Does anyone think they were continued to be made into the late 1860s or 1870s??
If you keep records of your digs, or pay close attention to the approximate years/decades that your privy dig items seem to be from, from the context of other items nearby, I'd love to hear any comments! Thanx! Lancaster-Glass-Works-soda-bottle.jpg

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