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Large Black Cat killed in Mississippi


Active Member
Feb 10, 2018
Water Valley, Mississippi
Maybe you are not alone when digging in remote areas. My wife and I were traveling home from work, and a huge black cat ran out in front of us. I didn't have time to react and we hit it and there was a loud bang. I looked back in the rear view mirror, and could see the cats long black tail kinds flip flop back and forth like a car's windshield wiper. This was in broad daylight. My wife asked me what was that? And I replied it was a huge cat. Possible a Black Panther. I didn't realize the significance of the road kill or I would have turned around right then and there and retrieved it. From what I saw the cat was about 2 ft tall to the back and maybe 6 ft from nose to tip of his long tail. Anyway, That was on a Tuesday and after driving by the kill area and not seeing anything I decided to go look for the cat on Saturday. and guess what? I found the dead cat. or what was left of it. Animals had really worked over the cat consuming almost all of the cats body and muscle tissue but left some hide with front legs and one rear leg, no tail and the head was inside of the neck skin like a pelt. The animal was easily 3 and 1/2 feet from nose to rump and covered with black fur. the fore legs were a dark grey-black with black dots showing through. Game Wardens here said it was a black bobcat without the tail on the carcass I couldn't prove it had a long tail. They said if it had a long tail then it was a bobcat-house cat mix. I have a lot of pictures of the carcass. all I can tell you is that it was as big as my bulldog when I saw it alive. 20190914_084458.jpg That front paw is 2 1/2 inches wide! 20190914_084527.jpg


Well-Known Member
Sep 1, 2008
Wow! I've heard of 'em, but never seen one other than a fleeting glimpse of what I think was one disappearing into the bushes as i topped a rise on a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere, black hindquarters and long tail. Don't know what else it could've been. A lot of "experts" still don't believe they exist, but I think they're mistaken. Yeah, I wish you had gone back and recovered it immediately, too. Thanks for sharing.

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