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Largest whiskey miniatures collection in the U.S?


Feb 1, 2016
Hi guys,

First of all: I am SO happy i was able to find this place! you cannot imagine how thrilled i was to see that i am not the only crazy person chasing after pieces of glass.
My name is Rotem ("Ro" works too) and i'm from MD and a proud owner of 2356 different whiskey miniature bottles: all has one thing in common: They MUST be made in the U.S. Full, sealed, empty, opened; as long as the label is there and i am missing it then it's on my radar. I started 18 years ago as a general collector and picked everything but slowly i shifted to American whiskey. My favorite bottles are my pre-prohibition miniatures, as well as my Chicago whiskey miniatures that were made by Paramount, Judge and Lionel distilleries. Urban legend says that these were owned by Capone. Anyway, i would love to chat with all of you regarding miniature bottles and if the admins wouldn't mind and as long as i'm not violating any policy i would love to share my website address, where each bottle is individually photograph. Took me almost 2 years to build it.
I was browsing through the forum a little bit and needless to say that the stuff that i found was amazing but also many bottles without labels at all which i really found interesting because not too many miniature collectors out there would be after these but hey, you can never know right?

Best regards from used-to-be snowy State of Maryland!


andy volkerts

Well-Known Member
Jan 10, 2005
Sacramento, California
Hello Ro. Welcome to the forums. Most of us here are crazy about bottles whether they be antique (pre 1900 ) or up to the present day, everybody who collects glass is welcome. I collect cures and San Francisco bottles including several examples of miniature whiskies, I would love to see some of your pre prohibition minis..........Andy


Well-Known Member
Feb 28, 2012
Wow, very nice, I know that the Anderson brings a good price. I see newer miniature whiskeys occasionally.


Well-Known Member
Dec 2, 2004
Northeastern USA
Impressive. I had a collection given to me many years ago but sold them off in the 80's, I think they were early airline or maybe cruise ship bottles, 1930's stamps on most. I did sample a few that hadn't shown evaporation first though and I gave my father a Dewers too, I think he still has it. Somewhere I have some of the figurals and other pottery types but I think my ex may have got those.


Well-Known Member
Aug 10, 2007
mini's are cool . the one's I pickup generally older and because I dig they don't have labels.

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